Portable Espresso Machine

Portable Espresso Machine

I love Espresso, Regular Coffee & Cappuccino so much and I used to search on Coffee types and love to know the difference between Arabica seeds and Robusta.

Arabica contains richer flavor than Robusta, Nevertheless Robusta has 50% more caffeine than Arabica, so each cup of Espresso, Regular Coffee and Cappuccino should has 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta.

And Today I found an amazing Gadget on Amazon which is Portable Espresso Machine

Litchi Portable Espresso Machine 80ML Hand Held Coffee Maker for Camping Hiking, Black



  • Portable, compact and simple espresso maker capable of making quality espresso with good cream in just a few pumps, no batteries needed.
  • 8 bar pressure, brewing with hot water
  • Perfect for people on the go
  • Easy cleaning by hand wash
  • BPA Free material.

Super easy to make quality espresso with just a few pumps.

And I read people’s reviews to see what’s good and what’s bad

Litchi Portable Espresso Machine 80ML Hand Held Coffee Maker for Camping Hiking, Black

Good Reviews Say:

1- I wasn’t sure about this type of product at the beginning, but only purchased for our road trip. However!!! the quality surprised me! It can make hot coffee within a minute and the coffee tastes no difference with my coffee machine. Also since it’s easy to clean it. Definitely recommend!

2-Honestly, I bought this for my wife as a novelty item. I saw it on a lightning deal, she loves espresso, it looked cool, figured why not? Well, what was supposed to be just something for a little fun (which was, when she has used it) ended up being something she really likes and is planning on taking to work on a regular basis (she says it makes great espresso and is a quick and easy way to do it). Plus, she said it will be great when we go camping (no electric or batteries required, just hot water and it’s easy to clean). it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. So, I guess I ‘done good‘ 😉

3-This is a cute little tool to have on the go if you crave for coffee just as much as I do. The design of portability and its lightweight both add on to my ratings here. Overall, it’s a great buddy to have on the road, mostly long distance travels.

Bad Reviews Say:

Actually I cant find one single review says something bad about it, which is impressive.

So give it a try and tell me what do you think in the comments

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